Someone discovered the snow....

[Outside on the grounds, a lone black leather clad figure stands on the fountain that has been iced over. He tilts his head one side then the other before he takes the first cut to carve. Ice flakes fly up and over in an arc a few moments later and a shape begins to take form of a winged fairy reaching out to catch a snow flake.]


[At first, Matt isn't really sure what he's doing in the halls of a house that isn't Wammy's. It makes no sense. He's driving, pwning the fuck out of those wanker japs campaigning for Kira- and now he's here. And Mello said that playing GTA and Simpsons driving game wouldn't get him fuck all--

But wait.

Did he crash?
Did he ...crash and die?

Maybe he's in a hospital right now, bleeding out his ass and still looking awesome doing it.]

Ask yourself, Matt.
Anything you can do 'bout it until you figure this shit out?

[He takes out a cigarette, hating how he's pretty sure he'll have to use them sparingly and drags in a long bit before exhaling.]

Nope. There isn't.

[Hands in his pockets, the begoggled successor begins to walk the hall, reading the names. Great, more Japanese.]
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Don't piss me off.

Sheldon isn't keen on the mystery meat...

What the fuck is this? Look at it. It's grey and has some goop on it. Is that supposed to be gravy?

[He takes a bite and winces before taking a large swig from his water glass.]

Okay, that's supposed to be gravy. The potatoes are too lumpy, the gravy tastes like watered down bat shit and who knows what the rest of that craps is supposed to be.

[He picks up his plate and tosses it back into the kitchen, hitting the chef with the plate.]

Learn to read a fucking recipe.

[He doesn't say much else as he walks away.]
[wolf][action] grom nomnom?

Voice testing!

[To anyone in the kitchen there in a unusually large dog rummaging around, meekly exploring the foreign room in search of food. He pulls a box of cereal out of one of the cabinets and sneaks his way under the table, he didn't want to get in trouble for taking anyone's food.

So he is under the table, eating cereal out of a torn up box... with his tail sticking out from under the table cloth

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[Dean, the little version, looks at the bowls on the table from where he's climbed up on a chair. He's already practically vibrating from the amount of sugary treats he has already consumed, a small, sticky mess covering his hands and face.

Right now? Climbing on the edge of the table seems like a good idea, as does jumping on it. there's a big grin on his face as he does it, too.]

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[Dean woke up in his room. Or, it looked like his room, but there were two big beds instead of his one little bed. He didn't understand, but surely Daddy must have put in there while he was sleeping.

He rubbed sleepily at his eyes, and walked out into the hall-

The hall was different. Why he looked back in his room, and then in either direction in the hall. But he went to sleep in his bed at home.]

Daddy? Mommy? [A little note of fear coloured his voice, but he blinked back the scared tears.]

...where's the baby? [He asked himself quietly as he started wandering the halls in his pajamas, trying to find his family.]

In Person

Yes, Light has been missing for several months. No, Light does not know exactly why he's back in the Manor. As for the dress? He wishes this damn thing didn't inspire such horrific deja vu, but...

In fact, right now? He wouldn't mind torching the whole place. As the Author has seen fit to place him in the middle of a hallway, he's more or less trying to find his old room quickly, without calling attention to himself. If that's even possible while he's wearing this pink dress.

It isn't.

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[Wandering through the halls of the Manor is a rather sad sight, it seems. A young woman, clad only in her underwear, is staggering slowly down the corridor. She's weeping into blood stained, taloned hands which are clasped to her face. Her cries are harrowing and sorrowful as she stumbles a little, but doesn't seem fazed in the slightest....]

((WARNING: If your character has no way of defending themselves, please have a way out :Dd The witch, if you bug her too much, she will attack without hesitation and take you down like a BAWSS))
Hands on hips so het it hurts

What are you doing mun *o*

[Stepping out of one of the rooms is this strapping young heterosexual. And by strapping young heterosexual, I mean curly haired diva in Renaissance clothing. Slowing to a stop, he narrows his eyes as he looks around him]


[He frowns..this wasn't Leonardo's workshop..was this even Italy?..Better question; where the balls was he?]

Maestro? Leonardo-!

[He sounds more annoyed than anything else, as if him being stuck in this strange place was his masters fault]

If this is some kind of joke, I do not find it funny.