November 22nd, 2011


[At first, Matt isn't really sure what he's doing in the halls of a house that isn't Wammy's. It makes no sense. He's driving, pwning the fuck out of those wanker japs campaigning for Kira- and now he's here. And Mello said that playing GTA and Simpsons driving game wouldn't get him fuck all--

But wait.

Did he crash?
Did he ...crash and die?

Maybe he's in a hospital right now, bleeding out his ass and still looking awesome doing it.]

Ask yourself, Matt.
Anything you can do 'bout it until you figure this shit out?

[He takes out a cigarette, hating how he's pretty sure he'll have to use them sparingly and drags in a long bit before exhaling.]

Nope. There isn't.

[Hands in his pockets, the begoggled successor begins to walk the hall, reading the names. Great, more Japanese.]
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