{CIA Special Agent} Sheldon Jeffery Sands (sands_in_mexico) wrote in badfic_reloaded,
{CIA Special Agent} Sheldon Jeffery Sands

Sheldon isn't keen on the mystery meat...

What the fuck is this? Look at it. It's grey and has some goop on it. Is that supposed to be gravy?

[He takes a bite and winces before taking a large swig from his water glass.]

Okay, that's supposed to be gravy. The potatoes are too lumpy, the gravy tastes like watered down bat shit and who knows what the rest of that craps is supposed to be.

[He picks up his plate and tosses it back into the kitchen, hitting the chef with the plate.]

Learn to read a fucking recipe.

[He doesn't say much else as he walks away.]

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